Web Sites of Double Click Members

As one might expect, Double Click members have many diverse interests beyond their shared interest in the Mac OS computing experience. Their web sites are likely to reflect the diversity of those interests.

In an effort to help our members learn more about each other, this page is provided for links to sites submitted by Double Click members. Some are personal sites created by our member or featuring the talents of our member, and some are commercial sites for businesses either owned by our members or for which our members serve as webmasters. We hope you will find something of interest here, or better yet, an interest shared with a Double Click member.

Alan Goodstone

John Hirsh

Jim Macak

Barbara Pelowski

Lenore Rinder

Dave Ruske

James Wamser

Bob Wood

If you are a Double Click member and would like to have
your link on this page, email Jim Macak, Webmaster.